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Landlord / Tenant Law In New York Is Complex

Landlord/tenant law in New York can be extremely complex and confusing as there are so many different laws that may pertain to your specific situation. If you are facing a landlord-tenant dispute or another issue, do not hesitate to speak with a representative from our firm to discuss your issue and how we may help you. There are rights and duties of tenants and landlords, there are various provisions made for tenants, landlords, evictions, mobile home issues, repairs, increased rent and many other issues.

As a tenant, you have various rights such as provision against eviction; provided that you have made the required payment and that you have not violated any substantial provision of the lease. You can be evicted only after your landlord has brought a court proceeding and has obtained a judgment of possession.

Evidence Required To Evict A Tenant

If you are a landlord and you wish to have your tenant evicted for various reasons, then there are various evidences that you must produce in order to establish a case. The evidence that you should be prepared to provide can include the following:

  • Original or certified copy of the deed to the building or home
  • The lease to the property you are suing if applicable
  • Registration statements
  • Record keeping book
  • Other documents relevant to the claims that you are making

If you are a landlord and you wish to evict a tenant of yours, then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance provided by our firm.

It is important to have skillful legal assistance in this process in order to properly prepare for this proceeding and to maximize your chances of obtaining your goals and desires in this case.

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